Sean Whalen is the founder of Lions Not Sheep. Sean's mission is to coach men and women, entrepreneurs & CEOs on building and scaling their businesses while at the same time building and scaling their home life. By age 30, Sean had become a self-made millionaire by 30, then burned it all to the ground because he didn’t understand how to build businesses and personal life at the same time. After learning the hard way what 20-hour work days looked like while trying to be a dad, husband, and everything in between, Sean is leading a multi-million dollar brand while coaching executives on how to have both home & work without sacrificing one or the other. Lions Not Sheep also has a global clothing line and brand, an off-road Baja race team, and hosts coaching, motivational, and training events around the globe.
Sean Whalen
Founder of Lions Not Sheep
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Dan Caldwell is an American entrepreneur. He was a co-founder of TapoutT, where he served as President of the company. Dan joined Lions Not Sheep in 2021 bringing over 20 years of experience in the apparel industry to grow the already widely popular brand. After starting TapouT from humble beginnings by selling merchandise from the back of his car in 1999, Caldwell grew TapouT to become a world-recognized apparel brand that became the largest distributor of MMA merchandise, recording revenue of about $200 million in 2009.
Dan Caldwell
President and Chief Operations Officer of Lions Not Sheep
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